Zoe and Eden write: Monteverde Reserve I Spy

Posted on: January 22nd, 2014

Yesterday we went to the Monteverde Reserve for a 4 hour hike. Monteverde Reserve is a cloud forest.

Do you know what the difference is between a cloud forest and a rainforest? We’ll tell you more about it in another blog post!

The Monteverde Reserve is a protected area for birds, insects, mammals, and many plants including hot lips flowers. It is over 4,000 hectares of space, and it is about 1,400 metres above sea level.

Manolo built the house where we are staying and he’s also our neighbour. He’s a guide at the Monteverde Reserve and he took us on a tour. He knows a lot about nature! You need to have good eyes to spy the creatures in the forest because the trees are so thick. See if you can spy the things in the pictures. Yesterday we saw (can you guess?):

A sleeping sloth!

Did you know that this fuzzy creature can sleep 15-20 hours a day? They are noctural and they only come down from the trees about once a week when they have to poo. They move VERY slowly. We were so excited to see this guy! Every day, Eden has been wishing to see this creature. Can you guess what it is?

Can you see the fuzzy, cute tarantula? It was so deep in the bricks that we had to use a flashlight to see her.

can you see the fuzzy, cute tarantula?

These hot lips plants were easy to spot. They were hot pink and totally looked like lips!

hot lips!

hot lips!

Do you see the pretty blue dung beetle?


These are called elephant ear plants. We could see why! They were HUGE!

Can you spy the hummingbird nest in this fern tree?


Here’s a close up picture of that same nest.

See the mommy hummingbird? IMG_7240

This is a millipede. Each section of the millipede has 4 legs. It moves slower than a centipede.
IMG_7283Manolo told us a millipede joke when we saw this:

There was a six year old centipede and he was playing outside. Then he started yelling, “Mommy! Mommy!” and the Mom centipede said, “What’s the matter?” 
The six year old centipede said, “A bird! A bird!” 
The Mom said, “I’m coming! I’m coming! Just give me a minute–I just have to tie my shoes!”
Can you spot us? :) Here we are, walking on a hanging bridge high up in the canopy. That’s Manolo ahead of us. It was a really cool bridge.
Can you spot the insect in this picture? We couldn’t believe it when Manolo found this!
This little lizard was tricky to spy too because he blended in so well with the tree.
Here we are, by a beautiful waterfall.
Here’s the waterfall:
And here’s a cute little guy. Do you know what he is?
He’s a coati! (pronounced: co-ah-tee) He’s in the raccoon family, and he came very close to us. He wasn’t shy at all!
Here are some younger coatis. They were walking with their mother.
We saw SO MANY hummingbirds! Some of these will be really easy for you to see, and some are camouflaged. Can you guess what’s inside the hummingbird feeder? It looks like water, but it’s more sweet! They love that mixture! When Eden was underneath the feeder, she could hear their wings flapping so fast she couldn’t even clap that fast.
In the next photo, we can see 6 hummingbirds. Can you find them? If you can see more, let us know!

We saw so many things at the Monteverde Reserve. They were like gifts to us. It’s a great opportunity not to be missed!

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  1. Grandma Jeanette says:

    You have very good sight – I couldn’t find all of the hummingbirds. I love all the colours of them. Did you see your first sloth? What a wild and wonderful place!

  2. Carolyn Carr says:

    Rebecca, Zoe and Eden,
    I love reading all of your interesting, informative blogs. The wonderful pictures add so much. You certainly sound like you are having many special experiences.
    Thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to many more.

  3. Madeline says:

    Hi Zoe and Eden,
    I liked the first animal. Mommy told me it was a sloth. I guessed a monkey.
    I like the spider, I like the plant, I like that, I like that, I like that (and so on for the rest of the pictures).
    I didn’t get Manolo’s joke. We found you on the bridge (you weren’t hiding very well). I couldn’t find the insect in the next picture, but Mommy thinks there’s a preying mantis there? And we found all the hummingbirds.
    I liked the I spy in the Monteverde Reserve!
    Madeline (and Bethany)

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi Maddie (and Bethany),
      Bethany is right! It was a sloth. It’s not a praying mantis. Keep guessing!
      I miss and love you!
      Love, Eden

      • Bethany says:

        Brandon wants to know how many toes the sloth has. 2 or 3?

        • Rebecca says:

          Hi Brandon,
          The sloth has 2 toes. Manolo said that they only have 2 toed sloths here in Monteverde. There are 3 toed sloths in hotter places, I think.
          See ya! Miss ya!

  4. Sue says:

    What beautiful pictures and interesting information you have shared with us. I look forward to hearing more about cloud forests. I was in a cloud forest 4 years ago when I was in Ecuador. I used to have a house plant that was in the lip family of plants. I didn’t have a lot of luck with it. I loved the hummingbird nest and all the beautiful hummingbirds.
    I also wanted to mention that since you changed your website I don’t receive notice of new postings in my email though I had signed up for it again – twice.
    We will miss you at our SJMC/Grace Lao dinner this Sat.
    and at Silver Lake winter camp the following weekend.
    We miss you! Hugs, Sue

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi Sue,
      Good to hear from you! I’m still figuring out this new site – I’ll see if I can figure out what the problem is. Have a good time at the dinner and at Silver Lake!

  5. Melissa says:

    I Love seeing these animals in your beautiful pictures. It sounds as if you are on a wild and wonderful adventure. I’ve never heard of a coati before… they are super cute! Thanks for sharing with us!
    Love, auntie Melissa

  6. Mrs. Matsuo's Class says:

    Jordan had one more response to “Why did the cows cross the road?” “Because the crocodiles ate the chickens!!!” Hahahahahahaha!!!!
    We liked the hummingbirds! The hummingbirds were hard to find in the picture, but we found them all. (Stella) Kean has read a book that told about how fast hummingbirds flap their wings. He’ll try to find that info again. We all thought that Zoe was being funny with the elephant ears that you saw in the cloud forest. (Grace) The coati was cute. (Anne) The dung beetle was really cool. It looked like a little jewel. (Ella F.) We really miss you and we are looking forward to hearing about more of your adventures. (Lele)

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi dudes and dudettes!
      I’ll try to think of more jokes.
      Your friend,
      PS Read my other email for the one about the mushroom at the party.

  7. Laura and Tiffany says:

    Hi Rebecca and family
    Gorgeous photos. So glad for you to be enjoying this beautiful place. How long do you have?
    Laura: is that a sloth in the first picture? We thought it looked like a skin.
    Are you getting bitten by any bugs?
    We are having record low temperatures (likely you’ve heard. Minus 17 today.) Love Tiffany and Laura Rowbotham

    • Rebecca says:

      Hi Tiffany! Good to hear from you. We are here until the end of April – in Costa Rica. We’re in the Monteverde area for a month. Laura: yes! You’re right – it’s a sloth! I think I’ve had one mosquito bite in the 23 days we’ve been here – not too bad!

  8. Sharon says:

    The insect is called a Walking stick?????
    Love the pics! We love Costa Rica! So jealous! I could find all the hummingbirds! Enjoy! Love the look of your new site!

    • Rebecca says:

      You win the prize, Sharon! You guessed it. It IS a walking stick insect. I think that we can see why you and Mark are birders now – we might be turning into birders too! Apart from the sore neck, it’s a lot of fun!

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