Portugal: doorknobs, windows, and walls

Posted on: March 26th, 2015

I have a bit of an obsession to admit: I love doors and windows – the details of doorknobs, of knockers, of glass on wood. I love the fabrics of curtains hanging in the windows. And the colour of paint. So much goodness.

But first: a cemetery near Tavira on the Mediterranean Sea (this fits in the walls category, right? or windows…?? Anyway, here goes.):

IMG_0039 IMG_0040 IMG_5841 IMG_5856 IMG_5843

Did you see my self-portrait in that second-last photo? I loved these little boxes. Each one was different and personalized: decorated with photos, vases, fake flowers, little ornaments (the one just above has some little blue glass dolphins and fish). Made me wonder what my family would put in my little box, or what I would put in others’ boxes.

The next photo is a cobblestone street. Around the town of Tavira, there are these yellow arrows on some streets. Guess what they are! The Camino de Santiago! You can walk this path all the way to the Camino in Spain. I’d love to do this some day…


Up next: walls and windows.

IMG_5838 IMG_5869 IMG_5873 IMG_5900IMG_5875IMG_5876IMG_5917IMG_0052IMG_5839IMG_5871IMG_5872IMG_5877IMG_5888IMG_5908IMG_5912And now for some doors and doorknobs. Beware! My mom had a nightmare about the little hands on some of these doors. You have been forewarned.

IMG_5832 IMG_5881 IMG_5884 IMG_5914 IMG_5920 IMG_5924IMG_5878IMG_5925I loved the Moorish influence in the architecture, tiles, and doorknobs. Memories of Morocco.

Here are a few other random photos:

IMG_5886 IMG_5922 IMG_5932

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