rainbow of produce

Santa Elena market day

Saturday morning is market day in Santa Elena. Here’s the market: Zoe’s favourite treat is a bag of homemade chocolate ice cream for 300 colones (less than 1$). You bite off one corner and suck the ice cream out. Here is part of the carload on the way home from the market: The kitchen table

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Eden’s sloth sleuth file #1

Hi, everyone! I think you heard about me, Official Sloth Sleuth. Well, this is my first case and I hope you like the video!  

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going on a sloth hunt

We’ve been here in Monteverde for about a week and a half, and most days Zoe, Eden and I have gone on walks, some long, some short, our heads wrenched skyward, looking for those elusive Costa Rican sloths. There is one who makes its home by our house, but we haven’t seen him yet. So

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square dance 3

learning about Quakers

In the 1950s, Monteverde was settled by 11 Quaker families from Alabama. Four young men had been jailed for their refusal to fight in the Korean war, and they wanted to move to Costa Rica because of its peace stance – it had recently abolished its army, and still doesn’t have one to this day.

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Posada Del Perisoso

our Monteverde neighbourhood by Zoe and Eden

Our neighbourhood in Monteverde is much different than our neighbourhood in San José. One difference is our house. In San José, we were in a 2 bedroom apartment in the city. This is the cabin where we live in Monteverde. Manolo built this cabin with wood from the area. Isn’t it beautiful? It’s surrounded by

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Zoe and Eden write: Monteverde Reserve I Spy

Yesterday we went to the Monteverde Reserve for a 4 hour hike. Monteverde Reserve is a cloud forest. Do you know what the difference is between a cloud forest and a rainforest? We’ll tell you more about it in another blog post! The Monteverde Reserve is a protected area for birds, insects, mammals, and many

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Eden writes: the trip to Monteverde

We just got here last night to a new place. We’ll be here for a month. Yesterday when we came here to Monteverde we saw a lot of very different things. We went to a river where there were lots and lots of crocodiles that you could just watch, swimming around. People say that some

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Zoe writes: food in San José

Here are some foods that we’ve enjoyed so far:   Can you find these foods? papaya, passionfruit, banana, baguette, hardboiled eggs, beans, rice, starfruit, papaya and pineapple juice, mango juice, guanabana, blackberries, empanadas, orejitas… YUM!    

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what to wear, what to wear

In places other than Canada, I find that I do this little dance between wanting to just wear what I normally wear, and wanting to fit in with the local culture. (I think that men are quite lucky in this whole category. They don’t have to do much thinking in terms of their clothing.) In

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Zoe writes: San José in numbers

When you’re in another place, you get to know the numbers for that place. In San Jose, there are many ways we use numbers every day. Here are some of them: Money 500 colones = 1 Canadian dollar. Here are some of the bills. I think it’s interesting that on the bills they have different

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