Monteverde flora

We’ve written a lot about the fauna we’ve spotted. The flora is fascinating too. In the Monteverde area, there are 3 types of forests, depending on the elevation: pre-mountain dry forest rain forest cloud forest (highest in elevation) The vegetation changes depending on the forest you are in. Just going 2 km up the mountain,

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valentines in Monteverde

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Cha-Cha the chayote

introducing: Pepi the passion fruit and Cha-Cha the chayote

Introducing: our two friends that we met at the feria, or farmer’s market, here in Costa Rica: Pepi the passion fruit, and Cha-Cha the chayote!!! They are good friends. We aren’t calling these Veggie Tales because that name is already taken. We’re calling them “feria tales” — get it? Instead of fairy tales? “Feria” is

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papaya, avocado and heart palm salad

If you find that you need to use up some papaya that’s lying around the house, here is a recipe that we tried last night and loved: Papaya Seed Dressing 1 heaping T. onion, finely chopped 1/4 t. ground black pepper 1/2 t. grated fresh ginger 1/2 t. salt 1 small clove garlic, minced 1

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Monteverde wildlife list: mammals

The mammals we’ve seen have been harder to photograph. They’re fast, or they’re sleeping, or we see them at night because they’re nocturnal. Here is our list of furried friends that we’ve spotted during our time in Monteverde. 1. Sloth Spotted on January 21 (Santa Elena), 24 (Santa Elena), 26 (home), 30 (home), February 2

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some books we’re reading

Here are some of the books that we’ve been enjoying in Costa Rica. They are all books that we’d highly recommend! The first 2 books were recommended by Beth, our neighbour and friend here in Monteverde. A Drop of Gold by Vlast van Kampen (reviewed by Eden) What I liked about A Drop of Gold

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Zoe writes: horseback riding

On Saturday, we went horseback riding. From the top of 1 hill, we could see the Nicoyan Peninsula, the Pacific ocean. Every time we went up another hill, our guide would show us where Manolo’s house was. We could see the green roof. Our horses were named; Eden’s- Milagro (Miracle) Mom’s- Princesa (Princess) Mine-  Angelica

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summer tanager in Bellbird forest

Monteverde wildlife list: birds and bugs

Ever since we came to the Monteverde area, we’ve been keeping a list of the insects, birds, and animals we are meeting along the way. Some of these creatures have been easy to photograph; others are very hard. There are many, many blurry photographs in our files. It’s been fun to learn some of the

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learning from Quakers: the meeting

I wrote about feeling “at home” in Quaker-dom because of their love of square dancing. Here is my second piece of evidence to demonstrate that I have an affinity with Quaker spirituality. Evidence #2: They worship in mostly silence. This past Wednesday, I went to meeting at 9:00 am. The children at the Monteverde Friends School

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Eden writes: school at Jean’s

Jean is a very thoughtful, caring teacher. She lets you choose anything that you want to do. She gives you 2 or 3 choices of things to do. Sometimes it’s books, art, drawing, reading, and a whole bunch of other things. Sometimes she even lets us watch part of a movie in the middle of

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