hurray for Costa Rican health care

It’s something that is always in the very back of our minds when we travel with kids: what if, by chance, we would need to get medical care while living in a developing country? This past week there were 2 articles related to health care that came to my email inbox. The articles both related

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Derek as alpha male monkey

Yesterday we visited the Jaguar Rescue Centre in Puerto Viejo. It’s just down the coast from Cahuita. It’s an amazing place that cares for injured or rescued animals, and tries to rehabilitate them to send them back into the wild. Derek realized how much creatures are drawn to him. First, it was the deer named

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market day in Cahuita

Sunday morning is market day here in Cahuita. It’s a small farmer’s market, but it has everything we need as far as fruits, vegetables, and homemade cheese go. The hundred mile diet is not hard to do at all here. We bought some fresh fish from a man who pedals around on his bike, the

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dwelling in Cahuita

Cahuita is a beautiful, tropical town on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica – quite close to the Panama border. We moved here this past weekend, and this is the 3rd home that we’ve had on our 4-month adventure so far. After this, we return to homes in Monteverde and San José for shorter stints.

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going to Cahuita

We are now at our 3rd home in Costa Rica. We’ll be here for the month of March. We stopped at a fruit market on the drive here because Derek spied something I’ve been yearning for ever since I had them in Indonesia 20 years ago (!): rambutans, which are called mamon chinos here. I

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school as leisure

From our posts and photos, you probably think we’re having a grand old time, soaking up Costa Rican culture and weather. And for the most part, we are. But I’m here today to tell you the truth behind the scenes: not all days are great. I’m sure this doesn’t come as a surprise, but I

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watching the winter Olympics in Costa Rica

Four years ago, when we were on sabbatical in France, the winter olympics mostly passed us by. We watched a tiny bit of coverage of the France and Swiss teams, but Derek had to check online to see what had happened with Canadian olympians. We came back that May, and seemed to have missed a

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On the porch of the cabin in Monteverde with Marvin and his daughter and some of our muchas cosas

muchas cosas

Way back in December, when I was packing for this 4 month experience, I wanted to limit ourselves to 4 suitcases – one big one each, plus a carry-on smaller backpack each. I felt like this was really do-able. Even a few days before our departure, that’s what we had – one suitcase each. But

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coffee, chocolate, and sugar cane

Three things that many, many people in our world love: coffee, chocolate, and sugar. But do you know how they are made?  Last week we went on a tour of the Don Juan coffee plantation. We learned about how coffee, chocolate, and sugar are made. Along the way, we got to taste some yummy things.

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mosaic making

We’ve seen many mosaics on walls and sidewalks in Costa Rica. It’s a really beautiful artform. These ones were on a street corner in San José: And here is part of a wall that’s hidden away under a traffic bridge: These ones were on the sidewalk in front of the children’s museum in San José:

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