Good Friday in Cartago

Eden: Why is it called Good Friday? Derek: In Spanish, it’s called Holy Friday. Eden: It shouldn’t be called Good Friday. It should be called Bad Friday. Very, Very, Very Bad Friday. Our family doesn’t have a set plan for Good Friday – sometimes it’s the day that I make paska, the traditional Easter bread

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Zoe writes: Zoe’s Zany Ziplining Adventure

The other day, Mom and I went ziplining in Monteverde. Ever since I heard about this, I wanted to try it. I convinced Mom to go along with me. The highest cable was 1049 ft./ 320 m high. We looked up how high the CN Tower is. It’s 553 m! So I ziplined a bit

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Palm Sunday in San José

This morning we had a memorable Palm Sunday in downtown San José. We arrived at the Parroquia Nuestra Señora de la Soledad cathedral by about 9:00, and there were dancers in front of the church performing to loud music. They started to hand out palm branches, and then blessed them before the processional began. The

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Over the course of this trip, I’ve had times when I’ve felt whiny and complain-y. And then I’ve heard a story that has given me a different perspective. And makes me quit whining. All of these stories have been from strong women that I have met on our travels, and I wanted to write them

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This is what Eden wrote in her journal on March 27th: Today we went snorkeling. First, we got on some flippers and saw which ones would fit. Then, we got on the boat and the guide drove the boat to Point Cahuita. We stopped, got our gear on, and got in the water. Next, we

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pura vida2

pura vida

During our time in Costa Rica, we’ve learned an expression that sums up the Tico (Costa Rican) approach to life: pura vida. They use it a ton. It means pure life / good life. This is how they use it: Hello!  Pura vida! How are you? Pura vida! How was your day? Pura vida! We

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creatures in our house

Though I love to learn about nature and (most) creatures, I realize that I have some unfair biases as to those I wish to share a home with. For example, in our home in Ontario, I do not wish to share my home with mice, but we happily fed a rodent (guinea pig) that we

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vamos a la playa

We have heard that although the official first day of spring has hit Canada, the weather didn’t quite get the memo yet. Whenever our girls hear reports about snow and cold temperatures, their feelings of homesickness rise (this is not the case for Derek and I). They think about all of the snowmen, tobagganing, and

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Eden writes: volunteering at the Jaguar Rescue Centre

Yesterday we went to the Jaguar Rescue Centre to volunteer and spend more time with the animals and actually feed them and play with them, not just see them in their cages. First we went to feed the parrots. We fed them sunflower seeds. Their names were Molly, Mini Molly, Super Molly, and Blueby. Super

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eating locally

by Zoe Are apples special to you? What about mangoes? Probably mangoes would be more special because they’re exotic. Well, here in Costa Rica apples are exotic and are more expensive than mangoes, or any other locally grown fruit. At our nearest bakery here in Costa Rica, apple tarts are the most expensive thing there.

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