family day and chickadees

Dear Ontario government, thank you so much for the creation of the most wonderful holiday: Family Day. So far, it seems to have no gift-giving attached, and no consumer blitz of merchandise in stores for months ahead of time. It is so simple: have a day off to spend with family. I love it. Love,

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Remembrance day with Grandpa

What follows is part reflection, part rant. If you’re not in the mood for a rant, I’d advise you to move on to another blog today. I haven’t written much on this blog lately, but this is a post that’s been burning in me for years, and I need to get it out on virtual

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why adults (like me) need summer camp

In the summer, our family spent 5 weeks at Fraser Lake Camp, the camp where Derek and I met and worked at just a few summers in the past. Just a few. I wondered what it would be like to come back as an (older) adult – to work with mostly people in their late

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understanding the forest school ethos

Well, it’s been a long time, dear blog readers. It certainly was easier for me to find topics and time for writing in Costa Rica. Back home here, our lives have considerably busied-up again. Even though we’ve intentionally taken ourselves off of many committees, and our kids are only doing one extra-curricular activity (piano), life

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there really IS gold in them hills

As we get ready to board a plane, I can’t help but look back to my post about when we boarded the plane to come here on December 31st. And my theme for this journey inspired by a song that Derek played me that day – There’s Gold in Them Hills – has turned out to

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Eden writes: the gold museum

Yesterday we went to the gold museum in San José. A long time ago, they found gold in the ground and they put it in that museum so that people could learn more about the culture that made the gold. They made the gold into the shapes of animals around them because these animals were

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kaleidoscope of photos 2: Monteverde and more

Part two of the kaleidoscope series features Monteverde snapshots – and a few from San José. Enjoy again!

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kaleidoscope of photos: Cahuita

As we get ready to leave Costa Rica later this week, we’re trying to tie up some loose ends before we get back to our hustle-bustle lives in Canada. This is officially “debriefing week” (thanks Mom! Sounds like so much fun! say Zoe and Eden, sarcastically) and we’re looking back over the past 4 months

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a note to the Easter bunny

Dear Easter Bunny, Though we’ve never officially met, I feel like I’ve known you for a long time. You always seemed just out of reach, but you left evidence of your magical passing – some footprints in the snow one year, some marble eggs hidden in my grandma’s basement, and rice krispie nests with jelly

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Easter bunnies, BriBri chocolate, and mosquitoes

by Zoe and Rebecca That might seem like a funny title: Easter bunnies, BriBri chocolate, and mosquitoes. But since it’s Easter weekend, we know that a very busy Bunny will be hopping around with chocolates tonight. It’s been interesting for us to learn more about where chocolate comes from here in Costa Rica. In Cahuita,

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