the mourning moon

Posted on: November 26th, 2015

Remember me… the person who used to blog quite regularly? Are any of you even out there anymore, dear readers? I’ll understand if you’re not.

But I’ve reached a place where I just need to blog again – even if it’s only me listening to me.

I noticed that my last blog post was about letting go – of 40 boxes of crap during the 40 days of Lent.

Well, this post is about letting go too (why do I need to do this so much??). I just read about the Mourning Moon – the last full moon (in November) before the Winter Solstice full moon – one that symbolizes letting go of old habits or things that seem unnecessary or frivolous. Things that hold us down. It’s a cleansing, a healing, a grieving. Preparing for the new year, for the cold months, hunkering down.

It strikes me that our “Eternity Sunday” at church was this past week. For two of our meals this week, my daughters have wanted to light candles in memory of people in our lives (and pets too) who are no longer with us. It’s a letting go, but a remembering too. Also strikes me that Remembrance Day was just 2 weeks ago – another letting go.

And the leaves (most of them) have let go too. I’m so grateful for this yearly reminder to slow down, to send my energy down deep into my roots, just like those trees are doing – but that’s sometimes hard to do in this month leading up to Christmas.

let go

I’ve been in purging mode again, so I’ve decided that my Advent calendar this year will be this:

25 days, 25 boxes.

No chocolate, no cute little presents wrapped up for each day, no Playmobil parts. Just taking stock of stuff. Making room. For newness, new years, new growth, new hope to be born, surprises, new energy to be given to what really matters around me. Time to be spent on something other than managing my stuff.

What are you grieving on this “mourning moon”? What are you letting go of in order to make way for the new year?

I’m getting a head start on my 25 boxes – because, really, who wants to be loading up a box on Christmas day? Here are the first few that are going to make their way out of our space this week:


just plain garbage.


books – a weakness of mine.


more plain garbage.






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