meeting Archbishop Desmond Tutu

It’s not often that you get to meet a Nobel Peace Prize winner. And it was an honour to meet Archbishop Desmond Tutu in St. George’s Cathedral in Cape Town. During the 7:15am service where he presided, we experienced his wonderfully contagious giggle and smile. He asked everyone to stand who was not normally part

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swimming with penguins

Another Cape Town highlight: swimming with penguins!! If we’re getting technical, we didn’t exactly swim WITH them, but we were in the water NEARBY to where they were swimming. The water was about 13 degrees Celsius… pretty cool for us humans, but the penguins just love it! They are African Cape Penguins, unique to the

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surfing South Africa

A dream of mine has come true: I have had surfing lessons and actually stood up on a surf board in the ocean waves!! So much fun. We’re staying in Muizenburg, a beautiful part of Cape Town that’s right on the beach with nice, gentle waves – perfect to learn on!

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a week in Hamburg, Germany

P.S. I’ll upload some photos when we’re somewhere other than the Frankfurt airport. What a week anywhere makes you feel, so we’ve heard, is that you’re an expert on that place. So that makes us experts on Germany in general because it’s been exactly one week since we landed. We’ll share with you the ups

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the mourning moon

Remember me… the person who used to blog quite regularly? Are any of you even out there anymore, dear readers? I’ll understand if you’re not. But I’ve reached a place where I just need to blog again – even if it’s only me listening to me. I noticed that my last blog post was about

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40 days, 40 boxes

I’m not usually a partaker of Lent – I could never really find things to give up that felt like anything close to a spiritual exercise. I’ve heard that you should give something up that’s causing sin in your life. Sin? A small word with a lot of baggage. For me, I understand sin as something

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Portugal: doorknobs, windows, and walls

I have a bit of an obsession to admit: I love doors and windows – the details of doorknobs, of knockers, of glass on wood. I love the fabrics of curtains hanging in the windows. And the colour of paint. So much goodness. But first: a cemetery near Tavira on the Mediterranean Sea (this fits in

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Portugal: flora, fauna, friends, and food

I spent 3 nights in Portugal on my way to Germany. It was a great dose of spring, and a wonderful visit with Linda, a woman I knew from home. She has an amazing bed and breakfast in the hills of the Algarve region of southern Portugal. It was a change of pace, fresh spring

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8 hours in Amsterdam

Bikes: School bus bike: Favourite Amsterdam bike: Favourite bike box, with a self-portrait in the shiny bell if you look really, really closely: Favourite in-action biking photo: Bike garage at Centraal Train Station (imagine this, Ontario!!): Other scenes: Dutch cheese: Name that Dutch beer: Dutch kitsch at the airport:  

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Anne Frank and stumbling stones

“To build a future you have to know the past.” Otto Frank, 1967 Would you believe that I’m in my 40s and only now reading The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank? Well, it’s true. Zoe and I are reading it – separately, on our own time – and Zoe is much further

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